The Transition

What a beautiful morning to wake up to the crisp air and the kiss of frost that settled on various areas. Watching the sun make its presence, the steam began to rise off the water and the fields. It was a beautiful sight with the changing colors of the trees and wild grasses. I truly love this time of year with all the beauty. Most don’t think death is beautiful, but nature shows us otherwise.

Remove yourself from the grumbling of the “oh but it’s getting cold” and appreciate all the change. Yes, the temperature is dropping and with it comes the beauty of nature letting go. We get to witness a shift within nature. This transition of seasons and temperatures is a reminder that nothing is permanent. Everything has its time and everything waxes and wanes. Change is our companion. When we embrace transition and change, we begin to appreciate all that is occurring around us leading to appreciate what is occurring within us. Sometimes this can be a challenge because we cling to what we know, what and where we are comfortable. Getting outside of that comfort can be scary. Know you will be ok. Just be patient with yourself. Take a break, walk in the woods, or just sit and witness. Allow yourself time to be with all the changes and work with the energy of letting go.

Let’s take a moment on letting go, this can be a challenge. Perhaps it’s time to let go of a relationship, an idea, a possession, whatever it is, think about the trees. They let go in order to be the best version in the next rebirth cycle. They conserve their energy through the colder months in preparation for spring. How can you do the same? Are there adjustments that can be made to your routine to find more quiet and reflective time? Some of my favorite quiet reflective practices are journaling, a gentle yoga practice, sitting and observing nature (mindfulness), sitting by a fire. These always bring me within to provide the clarity needed to work on clearing space for the next phase, the transition.

Whatever transition you are going through, know you are not alone. We are all working on letting go and adapting to change. We are all transforming. Even those you think that have it all together, they are going through something too. Remember to share your light with others, smile, laugh and be present.

Peace and love,

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