Our Team —

“Great things are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” ~Unknown

Melissa Schofield
The connection between body, mind and spirit is essential for well-being and healing.  I strongly believe this.  The body cannot heal if a state of chronic stress and low/high energy is maintained. My goal is to provide an environment that allows you to share what you need to in order to work through your journey to well-being. 

I’ve spent many years learning and in the beginning of my adult life, I took the “normal” approach and went to college where I earned a bachelor’s degree in arts. I knew I wanted to help people, so I thought my degree was my direction, but in all the jobs I worked, I always felt like something was missing. Because I wasn’t pursuing my life’s purpose, I ended up out of balance and unhealthy. My illnesses and ailments could never be diagnosed and I felt like doctors were failing me. I made the choice to take accountability for my well-being and began the pursuit of knowledge on a whole approach to wellness.

My knowledge quest began with the study of Reiki and this led me on a great journey. Many doors opened along with possibilities in my healing process. I began to realize that energy has a great impact on well-being. The state of the energy we carry and process or don’t process begins to manifest in the body through physical sensations and dis-ease. Trauma experienced at any stage in life and how we work through that also plays a role.

As an explorer of knowledge, I have certifications in Brain Health, Energy Medicine, Meditation, Reiki, Shadow Work, Sound Healing and Yoga. I am an intuitive medium and use my gifts to assist the collective. I became an Ordained Minister in 2020 and had the privilege of marrying one of my nieces. I am always in pursuit of knowledge to help myself and others. Currently I am studying Naturopathic Medicine pursuing a Doctorate, Herbalism and diving deeper into the world of Yoga in a 300-hour program.

On a more personal level, I’ve been married for almost 25 years to my high school sweetheart. I am incredibly grateful for my husband and all his support over the years. Without his partnership, I would not be where I am today. We have 2 boys and 2 cats. I love music and gardening. Spending time with my family is a priority especially with my boys and their musical endeavors. It is a privilege to be their mom and I’m so grateful they chose me.

As the founder and owner of Triple Moon Healing, my goal is to bring together the very best atmosphere and people to help a person heal. As we work on ourselves, we assist the collective with healing.

Kelli Harmsen
Shoppe Manager

Hello; my name is Kelli Harmsen and I am the Shoppe Manager at Triple Moon Healing (TMH).  I come to TMH with over fifteen years’ experience in an administrative setting.  With that being said, I met Melissa Schofield, owner of TMH, while working in the corporate world.  From client to profession, TMH became an instrumental part of my life while going through fertility treatments and experiencing a rare & potentially fatal pregnancy illness.  Reiki, meditation, and yoga- to name only a few -guided me in my journey(s). Growing through what I had to go through with Triple Moon Healing by my side assisted me to explore avenues I was unaware of before and took me to a place in my healing that helped me come to peace, acceptance, and happiness.

In my current role as Shoppe Manager I find passion in my position as I explore the world of herbs and supplements.  Two brands I currently am coveting are New Chapter and Euro Pharma Terry Naturally with some of my favorite products being Magnesium and Ashwagandha, Clinical OPC, and All-Flora Probiotic.  

While not working I find harmony in being at home with my little family which includes my husband Derek, my little boy Deekyn, and three little rescue dogs- Marley, Minnie, and Tank.

You will find me at the Triple Moon Healing Shoppe on Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.  Come on in and let’s explore all the wonderful goods we have to offer.  I genuinely believe there is something at Triple Moon Healing for everyone! 


Danielle Rank
Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Esthetician, Trauma Informed Coach and Yoga Teacher
Phone: 920-517-3344
FB: @bhavanawellness

Andrea (Annie) Casavant
Reflexologist, Reiki Master Practitioner, Spiritual Intuitive Energy Healer & Spiritual Life Coach
Third Eye Healing

I am Annie Casavant-Zoch and I am a collective practitioner at Triple Moon Healing. I’m the owner of Third Eye Healing LLC. I am a certified reiki master practitioner, spiritual intuitive energy healer, certified reflexologist, and spiritual life coach. I began my journey here at Triple Moon Healing about 3 years ago. I was going through my spiritual awakening, becoming an adoptive mom, was struggling with the loss of loved ones, and just trying to find my soul’s purpose. I worked in the healthcare system for over 25 years in ophthalmology and it was through this I started to see how well I connected with my patients on a deeper level and I wanted to help them connect and heal themselves on their own. This led me to seek alternative and holistic healing for myself. I began receiving healing touch, which changed my entire life, it opened my awareness through my higher self, helped my mind open to new visions of where I wanted to go on my spiritual path and also the kind of mom I wanted and needed to be. I then decided I needed to connect more to myself through meditation and yoga, and that’s where I found Melissa at Triple Moon Healing. Through the practices of meditation and yoga, I realized that I need to learn reiki, not only to heal myself, but heal others. That is when I started my own business and felt I needed to establish it here and work as a collective with Triple Moon Healing. 

As I did energy healing more and worked with my clients, I realized how we are all connected, how we can heal ourselves and just being aware and living in the present moment is so important.  I also started to open up my gifts even more and see how much I was helping heal others through mediumship, and intuitive messages during healing sessions. Because I was getting the call to expand my offerings to help others heal, I decided to go back to school and learn reflexology and spiritual life coaching. Through reflexology it has shown me how our feet are so important. Reflexology is another form of energy healing. It made me see how hard our feet work for us, they ground us and keep us connected to the beautiful earth. Our bodies want to stay in balance and have the ability to heal and reflexology and reiki stimulates our bodies’ self-repair capacity that we are unaware of.

A few personal things about me, I’ve been married over 8 years, have a teenage daughter and two amazing yin yang cats, Merlin and Pearl. I’ve come to realize how important family is. I lost most of my immediate family too early in life and it’s been difficult for me to connect, I am grateful for the life lessons I have gone through to make me the person I am today. Outside of work I enjoy lifting weights, hiking, cooking, reading, music/concerts, and plants/gardening. Travel and hiking are my therapies, it’s what I call my prescription for living. Connecting to nature is one of the joys of my life and has really opened up my eyes to how much beauty we have on this earth. 

One of my goals in life is to constantly evolve and change, and not only empower myself, but empower women. We all have power especially the power to change. Let me be a part of your healing journey as I continue to go on mine with love and light.


Wendy Wilson Burich
Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher, Myofascial Release & Vibrational Attunement Practitioner
Phone: 920-579-2423
Wendy Wilson Burich, LLC – Home (root2crown.org)

Victoria Patton
Intuitive Tarot
Mystic Karma by Victoria
Phone: 920-376-3509
FB: @MysticKarmaoils

Joe & Lisa Rothengass
Intuitive Energy Healer and Custom Crystal Jewelry
Maple House Arts
Phone: 920-739-9389

Trista Michels
Certified KonMari Consultant, Life Coaching & Reik Master Practitioner
Third Eye Tidy LLC
Phone: 920-322-5182
Third Eye Tidy – Marie Kondo Certified Wisconsin Home Organizer