Reflecting on 3 Years

It all started well before the doors opened in June 2019. Triple Moon Healing began in the basement of my house.  I was participating in a chakra workshop and as I was listening to the content, I wrote down Triple Moon Healing.  I sat back and knew that was it…the name of the wellness center I had envisioned many years before. 

As I sit in reflection about this space, I’m full of so many emotions. It’s been 3 years since this journey of a place for well-being opened the doors. It really is strange for me to say 3 years…All the ups and downs, challenges, obstacles, laughs, friendships and so much more.  I’ve cried, laughed, been angry, frustrated and I’ve even felt like giving up, but at the end of each day I chose to continue on by stepping back into the energy of gratitude and the reasons why this place was created. It’s always been about healing…whatever that healing is for you; yoga, meditation, energy work, conversation, I’ve been so lucky to witness it.

Witnessing… I’ve witnessed beautiful souls emerge from their darkness. I’ve cried and laughed with many. I’ve watched people transform and I’ve watched people walk away because they were not ready for this life changing work that makes us feel uncomfortable. I’m honored that many call Triple Moon Healing their home. As I look back at it all, I’m reminded of all the people that have supported and thanked us. I’m so grateful for all of you.  I’ve heard many say “walking through the doors at Triple Moon Healing saved my life.” I’m filled with the energy of gratitude as I write this. Thank you for trusting Triple Moon Healing with your wellness journey.

Peace and love,

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