Yoga Classes

Yoga…a mind body spirit practice that brings union through asana (postures & movement) to provide balance, strength and stamina.

Our Sacred Yoga/Meditation Space!

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A vinyasa style class with flowing movements and static holds. This asana practice will build strength and increase stability. Designed for those that prefer an active practice and a little sweat. All levels welcome.
Class Limited to 12
Active Flow Yoga $13.00 Buy now

Body, Mind & Breath FOR RECOVERY

Yoga for Recovery: Embrace Healing and Community
Yoga for Recovery is a donation-based yoga class designed to support individuals on their journey of healing from addiction. What makes this class unique is our holistic approach. In addition to engaging in a rejuvenating yoga practice, we provide a safe and supportive environment for open dialogue and sharing among the group. By integrating ancient yogic texts, trauma research, and modern neuroscience, this class is an opportunity for individuals struggling with addiction to delve into deeper levels of healing. It’s important to note that while this class complements therapy, it is not a substitute for it. We believe in the power of combining yogic philosophy with modern recovery programs, as they share parallel themes that are thoughtfully incorporated into classes.

Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and community support. Together, we can unlock the potential for lasting recovery and create a brighter future.


All levels of experience are welcomed to gather together and experience a supported hatha yoga practice. Hatha yoga is the yogic path of opposing forces. Expect equal parts of engagement and relaxation, expansion and contraction, inhale and exhale, etc. Focused on uniting body, mind, and breath, this yoga class guides you through a gentle, breath-aligned flow of basic postures and ends with systematic relaxation.
Class Limited to 12

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Breath-Aligned Yoga $16.00 Buy now


A slower moving asana practice that will incorporate standing or active poses along with seated poses. This gentle approach will allow for a deeper connection to foundation, alignment and body/breath awareness to incorporate balance and peace within. All levels welcome.
Class Limited to 12
Gentle Yoga $13.00 Buy now


Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing style of yoga practice that is receptive not active. Poses are held from 5-10 minutes while supported by blankets, blocks or bolsters. When this type of yoga is practiced, a state of deep relaxation is achieved where letting go brings balance allowing the body to heal.
Class Limited to 10

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Restorative Yoga $13.00 Buy now


Yin yoga is a slower meditative type of yoga practice that focuses on the deep connective tissues. This type of practice helps stretch and lengthen the ligaments and fascia teaching stillness and breath awareness while working through discomfort.
Class limited to 11
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Yin Yoga $13.00 Buy now


This class is designed to help restore the physical, mental and spiritual body. Yoga Nidra is the “sleep” of yoga. The practice goes far beyond deep relaxation to a place of quiet and natural peace. Attention is drawn inward and we learn to move between the states of wakefulness and sleep where our bodies find balance and healing.
Here are a few reasons why Yoga Nidra is good for you:
– Activates the relaxation response and deactivates the stress response
– Increases the immune system
– Decreases pain
– Reduces insomnia and improves sleep
– Reduces worry and enhances clear thinking
– Improves and refreshes your thoughts
No experience necessary and anyone can participate. This type of yoga is completely on the floor lying down in a comfortable, supported and restful position.
Class limited to 13
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Yoga Nidra $10.00 Buy now


Interested in a yoga practice? This practice is designed for those who are new to yoga or for those who enjoy a slower pace. This class will focus on foundation and alignment allowing you to feel confident throughout as we flow through the practice.
This class limited to 8
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Beginner Yoga $13.00 Buy now