Yoga Classes

We have two yoga teachers at Triple Moon healing; Erika King from Sattvic Healing Ayurveda & Yoga and Danielle Rank from Bhavana. To learn more about them, visit their website or Facebook page.
Erika’s info: or find her on Facebook.
Danielle’s info: Find her on Facebook @bhavanawellness


Yoga Nidra
Monday, April 6, 2020: 6:30 PM – 7:15 PM
Fee: $10
*For the month of April, this class is limited to 4 people*
This class is designed to help restore the physical, mental and spiritual body. Yoga Nidra is the “sleep” of yoga. The practice goes far beyond deep relaxation to a place of quiet and natural peace. Attention is drawn inward and we learn to move between the states of wakefulness and sleep where our bodies find balance and healing.
Here are a few reasons why Yoga Nidra is good for you:
– Activates the relaxation response and deactivates the stress response
– Increases the immune system
– Decreases pain
– Reduces insomnia and improves sleep
– Reduces worry and enhances clear thinking
– Improves and refreshes your thoughts
No experience necessary and anyone can participate. This type of yoga is completely on the floor lying down in a comfortable, supported and restful position.
Pay for your class through this link:


Yin Yoga with Erika – please check back for class dates


Hatha Yoga Class with Danielle – please check back for class dates.
Fee: $10
A traditional style yoga class that will focus on a strong foundation for the full expression of body awareness, smooth movement and controlled breath.
Class is limited to 6 people