The So Called Flu Season

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Why is it called flu season? The seasons I know are spring, summer, fall and winter. Flu is not a season, yet we hear about it every year. Instead of taking a deeper look at why viruses increase during the holidays or cold months, we are told it’s “flu season.” For me, I see this as a mind game so a person does not have to be accountable for their well-being because it’s “flu season.” How about we flip the perspective and look at the choices that are made during this time of year that lead to the imbalances within causing an increase in colds and flus.

Our choices during this time of year lead to imbalances that result in being susceptible to viruses and bacteria. Pathogens are always waiting for the opportune time to emerge and rapidly take over the system.

Choice 1: Consumption of food and alcohol. Think about when your diet begins to change? October? November? December? And when do you typically end up with a cold or the “flu?” We gather with our families and friends and eat a ridiculous amount of food, usually sugar and carbs, plus most consume alcohol. This pairing puts a strain on the liver and digestive system. The gut flora becomes imbalanced and the liver has to work harder to process what it is being overloaded with. Viruses thrive on sugar. It is highly addictive. Why do you think we crave it? When the body cannot process the excess sugar and carbs, they get stored as fat and we rarely give the body an opportunity to burn through what has been stored. Did you also know that alcohol is a known carcinogen?

Choice 2: Being busy. During the holidays, usually starting before Thanksgiving, most individuals feel they have to do everything because it is what has always been done. Guess what? You do not have to make choices and follow traditions that result in being worn out, broke and sick.

Choice 3: Letting go of Self-Care. The first thing to go when we have so much going on and/or feel strapped financially is our self-care. We make choices or feel obligated to do this or that instead of pausing and taking time for ourselves. Self-care doesn’t have to be a huge investment of money or time. It can be something as simple as going to bed 30-60 minutes earlier, taking a bath, taking a walk, taking a break from the technology or doing something that brings joy. Self-care is anything you choose that reduces your feeling of stress or anxiety.

This year, I chose to do things differently to maintain my well-being. I let go of the need to get things done before Christmas, like baking hundreds of cookies or getting all my cards in the mail. Those on my list are getting surprises after the holiday šŸ˜‰

What can you do? If you do not like to take an adventure outdoors this time of year, supplement with vitamin D. The lack of the sun exposure causes a deficiency leading to many imbalances within the body and mind. I personally take around 15,000 IUs per week of Vitamin D to provide my body with the support it needs. Everyone’s needed dosage can be different.

Be mindful of the choices you make with food and alcohol. I’m not saying you can’t eat the cookies or have a drink, just do so in moderation. There is no need to be excessive about any of it.

Rest. I can’t stress this one enough. Rest. If your body is tired, take a break and just sit still, take a nap or go to bed earlier.

Flip your perspective. Look at the choices made during this time of year that result in you feeling tired and un-well. Let go of the idea that flu is a season and you will end up with it. Your well-being is a choice.

Peace, love and prosperity,

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