The Energy of Gratitude

What comes to mind when the word gratitude is mentioned? Is it a feeling? A form of expression? Whatever it is for you, this energy brings forth balance to your overall being. Some call it an art…some call it a practice. As we near Thanksgiving, the energy of gratitude is all around. This energy has been coming into my energetic being through thoughts, emotions and being in the presence of others. I’m reminded of how beautiful it is to be present with this energy.

With gratitude we embrace reality. There is a shift from counting everything that burdens daily life to counting everything that brings joy. A sense of being present, awake, aware, mindful. Think about when the focus is on all your worries and fears. How do you feel? Nervous, anxious, overwhelmed? The energy of gratitude removes all these feelings and when they are gone, love and compassion overflows. Behaviors and actions change. The knowing that you have enough and there is plenty for everyone replaces the energy of lack. The energy of gratitude leads to joy. When joy is the focus, the vibrational energy all around you increases. This vibrational increase leads to more joyful energy and an overall sense of happiness eventually leading to a grateful and happy world. Gratitude connects us all.

Are you wondering how gratitude brings balance to the physical and mental body? Well, it’s a practice and this practice begins to rewire the brain creating neural pathways resulting in a healthier brain. In the evolution of human life, the brain has been programmed to recognize the negative things so the focus can be on what is wrong or dangerous for survival. Don’t get me wrong survival is important, but we aren’t living in a time where we are being hunted by wild animals. It’s not necessary to be in a state of fear about surviving the day. Some might say well yes it’s a dangerous time because of viruses. Don’t be afraid. Instead flip your thinking and be grateful. Your body is amazing and has evolved to fight pathogens. Be grateful for all those things occurring within without you even knowing what is happening. The regular practice of gratitude allows for the experience of noticing positive emotions, sharing compassion and kindness with others, better sleep and a stronger immune system. Gratitude cuts through the negative programming and resets the default mode for the experience of joy.

How can you bring gratitude into your daily life?

  • Set aside time to become aware of what you are grateful for. Start small…maybe five minutes each day
  • Make a gratitude list
  • Say thank you. Saying these words out loud brings in the vibration of gratitude.
  • Be excited and be real. Recognize obstacles and don’t judge or criticize yourself. Always remember to be gentle when starting anything new.

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Peace and love.

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