November’s Beaver Moon in Taurus

The rise of the Beaver Moon signals the wane of the warmth and light welcoming the coming of the dark months. Mother Earth yawns and prepares to rest. She’s tired from all the planting, growing and harvesting and is ready to take a nap. Nature follows along and the frost and snow covers her like a blanket to keep her cozy and protected through the cold winter.

As this Full Beaver Moon comes into it’s full energy, begin to recognize where you need to slow down. Connect with Mother Earth and honor this time of rest. Relax and regroup. Give thanks to all the abundance that the Earth provides.

According to folklore, November’s Full Moon is named after the beavers who become active while preparing for the upcoming winter. This moon is also known as the Frost Moon or Frosty Moon as the cold sets in and the Earth goes to sleep.

The energy of Taurus reminds us that everything grows with love, action, kindness, patience and consistency. If you’ve been trying to take shortcuts or avoiding responsibilities, you are more than likely being forced to deal with that now. This energy is likely to bring forward anything you’ve been working on creating, building or growing. Be prepared to look deep within to find what you’ve been pushing aside or blocking to accomplish your vision.

Taurus energy also reminds us to appreciate what we have. Being grateful and expressing gratitude amplifies the energy of abundance. Remember to take a moment to focus on all you have to be thankful for in your life and express it verbally. Words are energy and sending out gratitude amplifies the many blessings.

Just for today, take a moment to give thanks. Start with yourself…thank yourself for your unique life. Thank yourself for the home that provides shelter during the dark cold months. Be grateful for these upcoming months to spend time indoors with family and friends. Let go of the complaint of cold and snow and give thanks for being given time to go within to rest, recharge, rejuvenate and relax. Really connect with the Full Moon energy and feel the peace that comes from honoring what nature provides. It is a beautiful thing to go with the flow instead of fighting it.

Peace and Love,

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