Hunter’s Full Moon in Aries

The full moon…a time where the darkness feels a little less especially this time of year when the darkness creeps in with shortened days. October’s full moon is known as the Hunter’s moon, Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon. This moon gets its name from the time of year when the crops have been harvested making it easier to see the creatures that blend in with the crops. The leaves are falling from the trees and it’s time to start preparing for the winter ahead.

The October Hunter’s Full Moon falls in the sign of Aries. This energy will allow us to work with energy to cut cords of tension, frustration and feeling overwhelmed so we can kick back, relax, let go and feel free. A huge release will come from this, but it will require some work in order to achieve this. Ask yourself what limitations have you set? What thoughts are blocking your progress? Remember thoughts are energy and where thoughts go, energy flows. If you are able to be open to these questions and truly surrender under the full moon energy, you will be guided to cut cords, unlock closed doors and free yourself from any barriers you’ve built.

Really look within to find the cages and walls you’ve built. You are not a puppet that society controls. Remove your masks or anything that you’ve been hiding behind. Let everything fall away and free yourself. It is time to free yourself and show yourself…the dark and the light. You can’t be your true self and find balance if you hide. Embracing the dark and the light during this time reveals your true nature. It’s hard work, but worth it in the end.

We’ve been focusing on Shadow work this month and the energy of this full moon is perfect for this exploration. Do you want to blend in with society? Or do you want to embrace who you are and share that with the world? Imagine the beautiful life you could live if you embraced your dark and light and really let yourself be out there. I’m embracing all aspects of my true self and putting it out there for continued growth. When our darkness is embraced, explored and accepted, our light can shine brighter. How bright do you want to shine?

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and is aligned with the element of fire. It is also ruled by the number one which is about ownership, leadership and showing up just as we are…free of insecurities, attachments and anything that holds us back from what we have to offer in this life. The element of fire associated with this time will help with your transformation. Remember fire is the element of destruction, transformation and change. Don’t allow this energy to rule your ego or make you feel like you need to rush to make change. Really work with the fire energy to go within to break down walls and transform for lasting change.

Become the leader of your life. Free yourself and say no more so you can spread your wings and soar to your next level. You are so much more than what society has taught you. Listen to your intuition and let it guide you through your journey. The time is now…

Peace and Love,

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