Be Gentle With Yourself

I came across this image and quote today and it really spoke to me. It immediately made me think of our busy lives and how we often put everything before our own self care. We go through our day giving and giving and… Where is the receiving? Where is the time needed for the body to heal and the mind to let go?

As a Reiki and Meditation practitioner and teacher, I commonly hear people say they are just too busy to make time for themselves, to take time to let go of all that is happening around them, to heal, to rest, to let go. Think about that….we are too busy for what’s good for us? If we don’t take care of ourselves, how do we take care of others? Do you charge your phone when the battery gets low? Then why don’t you charge your battery? Why is the energy of that little device more important than your energy?

When you are compassionate to yourself, you are compassionate to others. I can’t help but think that the lack of compassion for yourself is contributing to the lack of compassion for beings and the planet. Energy is everything and finding compassion for You creates an energetic space for others and everything around you. That old saying “you become what you think” is so true! If you find the time to be gentle with yourself, you will create peace within that emanates to others.

How can you find ways to be gentle with yourself? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Honor your physical needs – your body often lets you know when it needs a break. Stop ignoring the signs. Stop feeding it with caffeine to get through the day. If you are tired, rest and yes maybe even take a nap. It’s ok!
  2. Stop over extending yourself – Say NO! We have to remember that we can’t do everything.
  3. Be mindful – being aware brings you to the present. If you are present, you can truly notice what is happening and what you are feeling.
  4. Stop the negative talk – many people tell themselves they don’t deserve compassion or it’s selfish for me to take time for me. Try telling yourself everyday that you deserve compassion, love and peace.

Finding time to be gentle with yourself doesn’t have to be a big planned event. Take a walk, sit and observe what is going on around you, schedule a massage, Reiki session or acupuncture, read a book, go to a yoga class or meditate. There are so many ways we can be better to ourselves. It is necessary for the best version of You.

I truly want everyone to become the best version of themselves so our world will become a more compassionate and peaceful place.

Peace and love,

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