What is Reiki? It is Beautiful!

I get asked a lot “What is Reiki?” or “How does Reiki work?”  The simple answer is energy.  Energy is everything and energy is required in order for life to thrive.  Reiki is channeling energy to another to promote healing and help the body return to its natural balance.  To me Reiki is so much more.  Reiki is love, compassion, understanding, healing, peace…It is beautiful!

Let’s talk about the long answer to what it is and how it works.  Reiki is an ancient healing technique that channels energy (positive and good) from the universe, the divine, the creator, God…whatever your belief is, through the practitioner to a person, place or thing.  The practitioner is the conduit…I am the conduit.  Reiki practitioners typically hover their hands over the body or place their hands on various areas of the body.  The body takes this energy and sends it to where it’s most needed.  This flow of energy is powerful and can bring an immediate sense of calm, peace and healing.

The human body is comprised of electromagnetic energy.  Every cell that makes up the body vibrates at a different rate.  The vibrations of the cells is what makes visible physical matter.  As each of us are unique, each of our vibrations are unique.  The body has higher vibrating or higher energy spots called chakras.  The word chakra is Sanskrit and means wheel or vortex.  These energy centers are like data banks that store the energies of what happens throughout our daily lives.   This causes our energy centers to become unbalanced and when this happens, we often begin to suffer illness.  The body also has an outer energy field known as the aura.  This energetic field is filled with light and surrounds the physical body on all sides, above and below.  The aura can change size depending upon how healthy your physical, emotional and mental state are.  The aura also changes depending on how comfortable you feel with the people around you.  Reiki works with the energy centers within the body and works with the aura energy field outside the body.

Reiki complements any traditional treatment a person may be receiving and in most cases enhances those treatments.  A deep relaxation is often what a person experiences in a Reiki session.  This relaxation helps the body recover from the daily stressors of life.  When we are relaxed we are more open to what is around us allowing the energies within to reset and rebalance.  What a beautiful way to experience life!  Being open to the energies of love, compassion and peace.

I’m so honored to work with Reiki loving energy everyday.  It is beautiful to see someone’s life change because they turned to Reiki as an alternate form of well-being.  So, the next time someone asks me what reiki is, my answer will be Reiki is beautiful! ♥♥

~Peace and Love,

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