Letting Go

“Discernment is a process of letting go of what we are not.” ~Father Thomas Keating

It’s easy to identify with how you feel or what role you are currently playing: I am hungry… I am tired… I am successful… I am a failure… I am single… No matter how you feel at any time, you are more than those feelings, roles or what has happened to you. We easily identify by the current moment or struggle. It consumes us and has become the human way.

You are more than what has happened to you or how you feel. Deep within, your true self is waiting to emerge. The process is like a sculpture that just starts as a block of stone. The artist sees what the stone is to become and breaks away the excess to reveal the beauty that lies beneath. The same is true with you. The outer walls, labels, feelings and roles that have been built are blocking the true you. What do you need to break away or let go of to reveal the beauty that lies beneath?

When you learn to let go, energy flows freely and less effort is needed to be present. Your higher self knows it’s better to let go than to hold on. This battle of the higher self, the mind and the self causes conflict. You become overwhelmed and often feel as if things are not going as planned. Your inability to allow energy to flow freely causes tension and the mind says in order to gain control, the tension is needed. This process causes blockages in the energy flow which leads to exhaustion. Learn to let go of what you cannot control and allow your energy to flow freely.

Today the moon is at the waning crescent phase with around 20% illumination. This energy is pushing you to look at what you need to let go of. Look within and find one emotion or thought that no longer serves you. Look outward and forgive someone. Find stillness and breathe while you feel all that troubles you rise within. As you exhale, allow those troubles to move away from you. Feel how your body releases. Deeply inhale and exhale and accept the stillness that comes.

Peace and love,

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