Choose Your Emotions

“Emotions are not caused by outer events.  They are an internal reaction to an external event.  They represent a choice you have made.  We choose what emotion to feel.  ALWAYS.”  ~ Penelope Quest

This beautiful quote was presented to me a few days ago when I was struggling with my emotions.  I was so overwhelmed with everything going on that I was letting it consume my day.  Constantly thinking about how my free time was next to nothing and it was making me cranky.  I found myself unhappy with everything and I was unable to stay calm.  I decided to take a few minutes and get out my “Living Reiki Healing” cards for something that might help my current overwhelmed state.  Of course the universe said here you go…..

I’ve had this card with me for the last few days and I’ve stopped what I was doing to read and think about it.  Why was I feeling so overwhelmed and cranky?  I was the reason for it….no one else.  I couldn’t blame anyone else for my feelings.  I was making the choice to focus on how busy I was.  Yes, I’m busy running kids to school and school events, doctor/dentist appointments, maintaining a yoga practice, helping others heal, continuing education, daily house work and full/part time jobs, but joy can be found in everything.  I get to spend time with my boys when I’m running them around and that is precious…time.  Something I will never get back with them as they continue to grow and move on with their own lives.  My yoga practice is what helps keep me grounded, helping others heal is my passion and life purpose, continuing education helps me help others and of course my full/part time jobs serve me at this present moment for financial stability for my family.

Choose which emotion you will focus on and feel.  Find the joy and happiness in what is happening in your life regardless of what is happening with the day-to-day.  Don’t pass your unhappiness on to others and look within to find joy.

Peace and love,

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