Be You and Let your Light Shine

I recently came across this wonderful quote by Anna Taylor.  I read it and thought to myself how many of us hide who we are to not be ridiculed and be accepted?   Why do we hide and make ourselves unhappy and uncomfortable so others feel better?  I sat back and thought about all this asking myself what are you hiding from?  The answer that came to me was fear.  It’s the fear of being told you are not good enough, you are a fraud, that’s not the way “normal” people do things.  Everyone has fear and it comes from many aspects of our lives…our families, friends, co-workers, past lives and most importantly ourselves.   I’m guilty of hiding my beautiful light when I know I have so much to offer.  My fear comes from the years of being looked at with that confused or what the heck is she talking about expression.  The years of people telling me that’s crazy and being judged for thinking outside the box.  What if for a moment we put the fear aside and truly let our higher self show us the way to our true purpose?  To who you really are.  I’m putting my fears aside and am now working on my true path, my true passion.  I’m working on letting my light shine so I can make others feel comfortable with who they are and inspire them to do the same. 

We all have beautiful gifts to share with the world.  Don’t be afraid to let your light shine.  Your smile might be the difference for someone that is having a bad day.  Your words might be the encouragement that someone was looking for to move forward.  Your loving actions might make the difference in someone’s life that was contemplating life.  Be YOU and let your beautiful light shine. 

Peace and love.

One thought on “Be You and Let your Light Shine

  1. Brenda Meyer

    This is an amazing blog and came to me at a time I needed to hear these words . Thank you for listening to your heart and sharing such wonderful words for the down trodden to read at “ Just the right time “

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