February 2023 – Bear & Divine Feminine Energy

I woke up at 5:33 am on February 5 to my 5 month old kitten knocking my crystals off my dresser. I did not want to be awake this early on a day where I didn’t have any early commitments. As I came out of sleep, the pieces of the messages from my dream became very clear. The big messages, bear energy and Divine Feminine. Those that are stepping into this energy are being challenged by the energies that are not accepting change, growth and evolution. There were three main figures in the dream representing masculine, feminine and child. The bear was in front of the feminine making her presence known to the masculine. The child was like the point of a triangle between masculine and feminine. 

Bear energy is full of symbolism. When the bear spirit animal comes into your life, it is a reminder to be strong and courageous, appreciate the “sweetness” of life and to make time for solitude and introspection. If you are feeling weak or helpless, call on bear energy for protection, strength and courage. Looking at the opposing side of the energy of bear, it can represent fear, slow to accept change or adapt, being aggressive or having unreliable relationships and the presence of overwhelming emotions. When we sit with the light and the dark of the symbolism, we find the balance within ourselves by honoring both.

The bear is an amazing creature being gentle and nurturing, but ferocious when provoked. The aggressive energy that is often associated with the creature, allows us an ability to connect with our inner desire to become assertive and make change. The bear is also a reminder to be anchored to the earth and to stay connected to ourselves. As a bear retreats to solitude in the winter, it shows us the importance of introspection and self-care. I was also recently reminded that the bears will be coming out of hibernation soon. A beautiful symbol of the rebirth that is slowly occurring in nature. This symbol shows us the balance between being protective of our own energy and getting out of what is comfortable.

The bear spirit animal invites you to confront your fears, test boundaries, be confident, courageous and bold while staying in the space of love and healing. Does bear energy resonate with you and your experiences? 

Divine Feminine. I’m not surprised that divine feminine would be paired with bear energy. The mother bear is full of divine energy; connected and grounded to Earth, gentle with her young and protective of her space. Divine feminine is a reminder to connect with our bodies, nature and the cycles of creation. Are you paying attention to the changes occurring in nature? Do you notice the cycle is beginning to shift?

We all carry with us divine feminine energy. We came from the divine, from the mother, the feminine. It is a sacred spiritual energy that resides within. It is a receptive energy that allows us to look deep within and connect with our intuition. This energy is available to everyone. Open your hearts to receive the guidance with it.

The energy of the number 5. I woke up at 5:33 on February 5 because of my 5 month old kitten. 555 – a symbol of change and new beginnings. This number is a reminder to trust. Trust in the journey, the path you are being guided on. Sometimes this is difficult when it feels like challenges and obstacles are in front of you, but trust.  555 also brings attention to personal and spiritual growth and development. It’s time to focus on what you need for your evolution and trust the transformation. One last symbol with 555 that is important for the collective, let go of fears and doubts. Trust that you can create the life you want and surrender to the process. 

Do any of these energies resonate with you? What have your experiences brought you so far this month? This message may or may not resonate with you right now, but it might be something you feel or become aware of in the next few weeks or even months. These energies are present for the collective and are generally felt at different levels depending on where you are on your journey.

It’s sometimes hard to put into words what I see or feel or to even make sense of it. A year ago, a wise woman shared a message from my spirit team that I was supposed to be writing for the collective and here I am giving it a go. Thank you Jeanna for your encouragement. 

Peace, love & prosperity, 


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