“One does not practice meditation to become a great meditator. We meditate to wake up and live, to become skilled at the art of living.” – Elizabeth Lesser 

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a technique to rest the mind and reach a state of consciousness that is different from the normal awake state.  It creates ease in the body by allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to relax and eliminate toxins in the body.  It helps the body return to homeostasis.

Benefits from meditation:

  • Learning how to be present in life
  • Clarity of thought
  • Reacting to situations from a calm place
  • Reduces stress, worry and anxiety
  • Helps the body to decrease tension
  • Promotes natural healing
  • Freedom

Meditation Coaching (One-on-One)

Coaching allows a person a personalized meditation experience.  A program that fits your needs will be discussed and practiced.     The initial consultation appointment will generally be scheduled for one (1) hour.

  • Initial Consultation: $30
  • 1 Meditation session:  $25
  • 3 Meditation sessions:  $70
  • 5 Meditation sessions:  $105
  • 8 Meditation Sessions:  $185